Whilst Storrington Chapel is seeking a full-time Pastor, we are able to benefit from a number of high-quality visiting speakers bringing us the Word each week.

A calendar of speakers can be found below and, with permission from the preacher involved, an audio-recording of their service. Recordings of earlier services are still available in the "older recordings" section.  We are currently looking into the possibility of making video recordings available.

Our Sunday services from the Chapel are live-streamed on Zoom.

Please contact any of the deacons for the Zoom meeting code and password.


Please note that occasionally there may be a change to the booked speaker or format of a service without prior notice. However, a service will still take place.
071121 - Don Olden - Jeremiah 17: 1-18
141121 - Julian Rebera - Matthew 18: 1-20
211121 - Martin Girard - Psalm 103: 19-22
121221 - Graham Hardy - Acts 2: 36-47
020122 -In-house special - 2 Tim 4: 1-5
090122 - In-house special - The Lord in 2021
160122 - Stuart Beadle - Psalm 147